Evil Malaise is a piece of music composed for Resident Evil 4. It appears in the biohazard4 Original Soundtrack as track 24 of the "Darkness Side" disc.[1] It also appeared in the Biohazard 4 Best Track Collection.

Music informationEdit

This track was composed to capture the environmental horror of the Castle in Chapter 3-4. It is later recycled for the laboratory on the island.[excerpt 1]

In-game usageEdit

Evil Malaise plays during Chapter 3-4 when the player, as Ashley, enters the Storeroom and encounters the Armadura.



  1. Excerpt from biohazard4 Soundtrack Book:
    "バイオらしいホラーな曲です。アシュリーが1人で城内を彷徨うところだけで使うつもりだったのですが、 孤島の研究施設の陰鬱な雰囲気にもぴったりだったので両方で鳴らしています。暗闇の中を懐中電灯を片手に武器も持たずに歩いていると突然動き出す鎧と遭遇(!) といった風景を思い浮かべて聴いてみてください。"
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