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Below is a list of notable quotes from Excella Gionne.

Resident Evil 5Edit

  • "You'll be needing a partner, right? Someone suitable to join you in your new world..."
  • "You know, I was surprised Las Plagas was such a success. When you first arrived I had my doubts."
  • "Oh I have my eyes set on something much bigger."
  • "Mister Redfield, how nice to finally make your acquintance."
  • "Nice, you've done your homework."
  • "Jill? Even if I did know, think I would tell you?"
  • "After you are done with your little vigilante mission, you should leave. There is nothing here worth throwing your life away for."
  • "Jill! Jill! Jill! You are like a broken record, you know that? Just as single minded as he said."
  • "My vision and his combined, now made a reality."
  • "You'll find out soon enough. Everyone will."
  • "Hmph! Jill? Maybe I'll tell you, maybe I won't."
  • "Nothing that concerns either of you."
  • "If you can behave yourselves, maybe I'll tell you!"
  • "Why... when I've done so much... all for you.
  • "Albert, you said we'd change this world together!"
  • "ALBERT!"

The Mercenaries ReunionEdit

  • "Awww, you're just not ready for me."
  • "You are still a child."
  • "Bravo."
  • "Mmmmm, excellent."
  • "Don't expect any thanks."
  • "I suppose I should thank you."
  • "Nice technique".
  • "Hmmm, not bad."
  • "Very good."
  • "Enough whining."
  • "I'll be there when I'm ready."
  • "Please, please."
  • "I need your help!"
  • "You're good."
  • "I need some of your ammo."
  • "Hand over an egg."
  • "I require a first aid spray."
  • "Give me an herb."
  • "Give me a grenade."

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