For DBG information on her Infected self, see Uroboros Aheri.

Excella Gionne is a Character card in the "Outbreak" expansion deck for Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game.


Excella's abilities lie mostly in the game's Outbreak Mode, possibly due to her Infection at the hands of Wesker. Her Level 1 effect allows the player to increase their Infection Level by 1, which grants them +20 Gold (a similar ability was given to the first Wesker card). Her Level 2 effect states that if she has an Infection Level of 8 or higher she gets +3 cards. This is risky, since the max Infection Level for all characters is 10. Excella has 70 Health.

Excella is one of the few characters in the DBG to have an Infected counterpart, the others being Albert Wesker and Jack Krauser.


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