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Excerpt from Kafka's "In the Penal Colony" is a file in Resident Evil Revelations 2. In the Japanese script it is known as Transcript of "In the Penal Colony" (『流刑地にて』の書き写し “Ryūkeichi nite” no kakiutsushi?).


The file can be found on a small bench just around the corridor of the prison cell along with other items such; Detention Center Map and Gear Kog.


The Traveler asked, "He doesn't know his own sentence?"

The Officer replied, "It would be useless to give him that information. He experiences it on his own body."

「あの男は、 自分自身に課せられた判決を知らないのですかね?」

「教えてやっても意味はないのでしょう。 なにしろ自分の身体に刻まれるわけですから」

フランツ・カフカ 『流刑地にて』より



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