Experiment facility re5 (17)

The Experimental Facility is a Mercenaries map in Resident Evil 5.


A stage in The Mercenaries - The Mercenaries Reunion, and Versus in Resident Evil 5. The boss is Licker β. The group is Base Majini. They are armed with Stun rods, Frag Grenades, Flash Grenades, machine-guns and a few with rocket launchers. Some of the Majini will turn into a Duvalia while other transform to Cephalos. It can be unlocked by achieving a Rank B or higher on Ancient Ruins. This is one of the two levels that appear in The Mercenaries that does not appear in the main story (The other is The Prison. It consists on several levels. Two levels are connected via an elevator. The most useful place to make a stand is in a cage where spikes come out if you kick a button.

By achieving a Rank B or higher in this level you unlock the Missile Area stage, and with a Rank A you unlock Chris (S.T.A.R.S) for The Mercenaries. Duvalia appear in large concentrations here, so it is useful to choose a character (Fairy Tale Sheva, S.T.A.R.S. Wesker) with a magnum style weapon.

Further notesEdit

  • Though the name and backdrop are taken from the main game, the level layout is completely original to The Mercenaries.
  • In Slayers mode, a Gatling Gun Majini will appear to attack the players. He presents a major threat due to the stage's lack of width.
  • In The Mercenaries the chicken is located in one of the upper floors (right next to the elevator top floor), but in The Mercenaries Reunion it is located in the lowest floor.
  • In Survivors mode the only enemies that appear are the Licker β.