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The Extra Files are a series of digital archives found on Resident The files cover basic information about creatures, characters, and merchandise across the entire Resident Evil series, while adding in some detailed trivia as well.

The files are broken down into two categories: Creature Encyclopedia, which showcases various enemy mutations throughout the series classed by viral strain; and Digital Archives, which details characters, locations, and real-world collectibles. These files contain origins, summaries, and guide information for the entries and therefore contain many unmarked spoilers.

Creature EncyclopediaEdit

Zombie (T-Virus)Edit

REmake artwork - Zombie

Zombies are humans resurrected from the dead, mostly due to T-Virus infection. Symptoms of the T-Virus include mutation and progressive skin decay. They are known as "Zombies" due to their grotesque, corpse-like appearance. They wander in search of human flesh, their only source of nutrition, as they constantly require vast amounts of energy to sustain the sudden increase in metabolic demand. Although small amounts of damage will not deter a Zombie, they can be terminated by destroying the head.

The Zombies featured in RE1 are among the most well-known, but there are many different types of Zombie such as the Zombie cops and the "sexy" tank top-wearing Zombie girls in RE2. Characters like Edward, Forest, and Brad from S.T.A.R.S. are also zombified. Steve, in Code Veronica, is tragically forced to gun down his own zombified father in perhaps what is one of the most emotional scenes in the series."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia, Zombie (T-Virus)

Hunter (T-Virus)Edit


A combat B.O.W. with scale-like skin and long, razor-sharp claws, created by exploiting the T-Virus to cross reptilian and other DNA with a fertilized human ovum. While Zombies are the result of unintentional T-Virus infection, the aptly-named Hunter was specifically engineered and ruthlessly tracks down its target with its superior strength and incredible agility.

The Hunter's oppressive presence has been a staple of the series since RE1 when the very first Hunter appeared when the player was returning to the Mansion from the Guardhouse. They have been relentlessly pursuing players ever since then, and their notoriety as one of the tougher enemies is well deserved. Who knows how many players have fallen victim to a Hunter's long claws while trying to slip past one as if it were just a Zombie. As might be expected of a weapons research project, a variety of Hunters were eventually developed, including the Hunter α, Hunter β, and Hunter γ, each with their own individual characteristics."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia, Hunter (T-Virus)

El Gigante (Plaga)Edit

Resident Evil 4 artwork - El Gigante

Created by Plaga implantation (the parasites formerly confined beneath Salazar Castle) and genetic manipulation, El Gigante, as its Spanish name suggests, is four times the size of a normal human being. Although it is endowed with incredible strength and endurance, its intelligence is severely impaired—Ganados that fail to keep their distance are often killed in its blind rage, and few Gigantes have been created due to this uncontrollable brutality.

Gigantes are encountered in three memorable battles in RE4. The first encounter stands out due to the sheer impact of seeing the Gigante for the first time, and the dog that heroically appears (depending on the player's previous actions) to distract the Gigante will have no doubt brought a smile to many. The third encounter, which sees the player face two Gigantes at once, is also surely etched into the minds of many players. While it isn't necessary to defeat the Gigante that appears during the second encounter, hardcore RE4 players will want to take it down for the large peseta drop."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia, El Gigante (Plaga)

Ganado Cultist (Plaga)Edit


Ganados are humans implanted with and controlled by Plagas, parasites that were formerly confined beneath Salazar Castle. While the humans implanted with Plagas lose the ability to reason independently once the parasite has latched onto their central nervous system, they retain their intelligence and are able to communicate with and understand one another. The type of Ganado that develops after implantation depends on the human host—these particular Ganados are adherents of the cult of Los Iluminados.

Ganados are intelligent, which clearly distinguishes them from Zombies, who obey only the most rudimentary of survival instincts. Being screamed at in a human language—even one that's incomprehensible—results in a kind of fear that's entirely different from that which is experienced when facing Zombies. Incidentally, the Ganados speak in Spanish, and all of their lines actually mean something—finding out what can be an enlightening experience to say the least..."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia, Ganado Cultist (Plaga)

Executioner Majini (Evolved Plaga)Edit


The incredibly powerful Executioner Majini is the result of the implantation of the Type 2 Plaga parasite into individuals with a superior physique. Implantation increases the individual's original strength and endurance several-fold, allowing them to wield an enormous ax-like weapon made by chaining a guillotine blade to a pole; the ax is brought down on anyone foolish enough to refuse Plaga implantation themselves. This Majini has a fitting name indeed...

Although the formidable dimensions of the Executioner Majini and its ax are instantly recognizable now, during development it was the final game's Chainsaw Majini who wielded the ax and had the honor of the "Executioner" title. The spikes that protrude from the Executioner were added at the very last minute to enhance its already menacing appearance. You can find similar notes and development anecdotes in "The Art of Resident Evil 5.""
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia, Executioner Majini (Evolved Plaga)

Licker (T-Virus)Edit


Lickers are the result of a mutation caused by the progression of the T-Virus infection in a zombified human host's body. They were named by Raccoon City Police Department personnel for their peculiarly long tongues. Having completely lost all sense of sight, Lickers are unable to track prey visually; to compensate they have an overdeveloped sense of hearing, and will attack victims with their tongue and claws at the slightest sound.

Although Lickers were originally the result of an unintended mutation, they were adopted as B.O.W.s due to their potential, and are among the more infamous of Resident Evil's creatures thanks to their wall-climbing abilities and long tongues. Many players will remember the shock of being assaulted by a room full of Licker βs after opening the shutters of a certain area in Resident Evil 5. Miguel, the self-styled "genius" behind the Licker β, was also heavily involved in the research of the Uroboros virus."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia, Licker (T-Virus)

Lurker (T-Virus)Edit


A B.O.W. created during initial T-Virus research when compatibility screenings of various species with the virus resulted in a number of failed experiments. The Lurker was the result of a compatibility screening with an amphibian—specifically, a frog. Although highly aggressive, its low intelligence hindered its implementation as a B.O.W.—Lurkers display no brain development after infection with the T-Virus and cannot be controlled, a severe blow to their usefulness as a weapon. It is therefore believed that amphibians are not sufficiently compatible with the T-Virus, and the failure of a later amphibian-based project, the Hunter γ, points to a similar conclusion.

Lurkers appear in RE0 and, while they are by nature limited to the water areas, the sight of what looks like an enormous frog can be somewhat disturbing. Their long tongue attack makes them reminiscent of the Licker, but what makes the Lurker different is that it will actually swallow the player whole after attacking. It is a good idea to make sure your partner is well armed in areas where Lurkers appear, as this attack causes instant death if successful."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia, Lurker (T-Virus)

Ndesu (Evolved Plaga)Edit

Resident Evil 5 artwork - Ndesu

A gargantuan B.O.W. created by utilizing the data obtained from the European-developed El Gigante, Ndesu has the honor of being the largest humanoid Plaga-implanted creature. Although it can be neutralized by destroying all five of the Plagas present in its enormous body, this is no small feat given its astounding Plaga-induced resilience. Ndesu's superhuman strength also allows it to almost nonchalantly pick up and fling incredibly heavy objects such as telephone poles and military Jeeps.

Ndesu is named after a mythical ogre-like cannibal from Central Africa and is encountered just at the point when the player expects a breather, where it promptly crushes a BSAA member underfoot. The ensuing car chase is similar to a shooting game—the restricted movement imposed by the Jeep combined with the impact of Ndesu as it forces its way closer makes for a remarkably tense experience.[note 1] Irving reveals his utter lack of professionalism when deploying Ndesu in a fit of childish revenge: a true businessman would never have squandered his own wares so carelessly."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia, Ndesu (Evolved Plaga)

Stinger (T-Virus)Edit


The Stinger is the final B.O.W. form of a scorpion that has undergone incredibly rapid growth due to T-Virus administration. While the virus causes the total body length to grow to around three meters, exoskeleton reinforcement, and pincers hard enough to slice through steel, the characteristic scorpion tail stinger produces no venom, and there is still much room for improvement as a B.O.W. Due to a defect in the carapace, attacking the head reveals the brittleness of the surrounding exoskeleton.

The Stinger makes its appearance on the second-floor drawing room aboard the luxury European-style train Ecliptic Express.[note 2] The combination of the cramped train carriage and the Stinger's huge size inevitably results in most attacks being directed at its head, and its weak point being exposed. In a way, one might even feel sorry for the Stinger: had the battle taken place in a wider area such as a field, it might have had more of a chance, and it would have provided the player with more of a challenge."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia, Stinger (T-Virus)

U-8 (Evolved Plaga)Edit


One of the B.O.W.s created by the Plaga weapon development project. It features a massive armored carapace some tens of meters long, essentially a weapon in and of itself, and three-meter long claws, which it uses in close combat to devastating effect. The ventral area, in nature used for incubation, houses aerial B.O.W. drones. While these are understandably often mistaken for a larval form of the U-8, they are actually a completely separate B.O.W. species.

Much like the previously introduced Stinger, and in what seems to be the fate of all armored B.O.W.s, the U-8 also suffers from a weak point in its carapace. According to an in-game file, an improved version of the U-8 with a fully formed carapace known as the U-8 Prime was also produced, but it fails to make an appearance in the game itself. During development yet another version of the U-8 known as the U-8 Turbo was planned. This version would forgo armor altogether in favor of speed, but ultimately it was never even mentioned in the game, not even in the game files."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia, U-8 (Evolved Plaga)

Bandersnatch (T-Virus)Edit


A human-derived prototype B.O.W., developed as a more general-purpose Tyrant by placing particular emphasis on practicality rather than attempting to produce the perfect weapon. Its most distinguishing feature is its ability to extend its flexible right arm almost instantaneously, a trait hitherto unseen in humanoid B.O.W.s. While this grants the Bandersnatch certain advantages when pursuing its target, it nevertheless suffers from decreased mobility due to atrophy of the lower limbs, which in turn has an impact on its suitability for rapid deployment.

Although the size of its right arm may remind you of William Birkin after he infected himself with the G-Virus, the Bandersnatch is more aggressive. Its arm can be used not only for attacks, but also to move between entire floors. Running up a flight of stairs might fool most creatures, but the Bandersnatch stops at nothing. While this may seem obvious, its powerful arm can only attack the right hand side, and its left arm is virtually useless, so approaching from the left is the smart choice when taking on a Bandersnatch."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia, Bandersnatch (T-Virus)

Nosferatu (t-Veronica Virus)Edit

Darkside Chronicle CG model - Nosferatu

What was once Alexander, the sixth head of the Ashford family. Alexander mutated into a brutal monster after failing to assimilate the T-Veronica virus administered by his own daughter, Alexia. The virus induced tentacle growth and caused the heart to be exposed through the ribs. Venom is also produced inside the body and reacts with oxygen to produce a toxic fog. Nosferatu's lethal nature resulted in it being confined beneath the Antarctic Base for fifteen years.

Considering how much of the plot revolves around family relations—for example, Alexia using her father as a Guinea pig, Steve being forced to kill his own father, Chris attempting to rescue his sister Claire, and Alfred suffering from a twisted complex about his sister Alexia—"family" could well be considered the sub-theme permeating Code Veronica. Try playing the game once more while keeping this in mind, and you may see some things in a different light."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia, Nosferatu (t-Veronica Virus)

Cerberus (T-Virus)Edit


The Cerberus is a B.O.W. created by administering the T-Virus to a Doberman, a large breed of dog suitable for military use. Although the effects of the virus include considerable skin decay, the Cerberus's speed, leaping ability, endurance, and aggressiveness are all substantially enhanced, and it retains the canine trait of being excellent at attacking in packs. Its low price point, efficiency as a weapon, and excellent cost-effectiveness have made the Cerberus an outstanding success.

While the dogs of Resident Evil are no doubt familiar to most fans, some players may not be aware that there are actually two different types. The Cerberus described above was developed as a B.O.W., but other dogs in the series have simply undergone incidental zombification, for instance after eating T-Virus contaminated food, and are usually known simply as Zombie Dogs. Both are equally despised as difficult targets to track due to their fast, erratic movements."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia, Cerberus (T-Virus)

Monster Steve (T-Veronica Virus)Edit


The mutated form of Steve Burnside after having been captured and administered the T-Veronica Virus by Alexia Ashford. The disfiguring effects of the virus make it difficult to discern any remaining human features apart from his face. His mind was not completely overwhelmed however, and he is able to regain control of himself in order to defend Claire with his own life.

There are a number of examples of humans who mutate after being administered with a pathogen, from William Birkin who infects himself with the G-Virus, Irving who does the same with a dominant strain Plaga-based parasite, and Excella who is forcefully administered the Uroboros virus. Steve, thanks to his feelings for Claire, is one of only a few who were able to regain consciousness once infected, which may explain why he remains a popular character even though he has only appeared in a single game."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia, Monster Steve (T-Veronica Virus)

Chainsaw Ganado (Plaga)Edit


Ganados are humans parasitized by the subordinate-strain Plaga. Chainsaw Ganados have adapted more successfully to the invading Plaga compared with normal Ganados, and this endows them with superb physical strength and endurance. Their appetite for destruction is evident in the manner in which they brandish their lumber chainsaw and relentlessly pursue anything perceived as an enemy.

Wearing a dirty shirt, suspenders, and a sack over his head, the Chainsaw Ganado is anything other than ordinary. The Chainsaw Sisters, whose heads are wrapped in bandages, and the giant Chainsaw Ganado, who wields a double-bladed chainsaw, are other examples of Chainsaw Ganado. As the latter only appears in The Mercenaries, those who haven't seen one yet should give the extra mode a shot."
— Extra Files, Creature Encyclopedia, Chainsaw Ganado (Plaga)


  1. Chapter 2-3 in Resident Evil 5 has both a car chase and the fight with Ndesu, but they do not happen in the order suggested here. After escaping in the BSAA vehicle from Rider Majini, Chris and Sheva are cornered by Ndesu in an immobile BSAA vehicle.
  2. While there is a drawing room at the training school, the Ecliptic Express does not have two stories. The entry is referring to the saloon car on the train.