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FILE:02 Hunter (FILE:02 ハンター(t-ウイルス)?) is a file in the CLUB96 "digital archive". It was uploaded on June 3, 2012, and members of the fanclub can access it here. It was also localized for RE.NET, and can be found here.

The localization was altered in the "Notes" section, replacing "Mansion Dormitory" with "Guardhouse". While Resident Evil does refer to the dormitory building as the "Guardhouse" in the English version, this was replaced with "Residence" in the 2002 remake.


A combat B.O.W. with scale-like skin and long, razor-sharp claws, created by exploiting the T-Virus to cross reptilian and other DNA with a fertilized human ovum. While Zombies are the result of unintentional T-Virus infection, the aptly-named Hunter was specifically engineered and ruthlessly tracks down its target with its superior strength and incredible agility.

The Hunter's oppressive presence has been a staple of the series since RE1 when the very first Hunter appeared when the player was returning to the Mansion from the Guardhouse. They have been relentlessly pursuing players ever since then, and their notoriety as one of the tougher enemies is well deserved. Who knows how many players have fallen victim to a Hunter's long claws while trying to slip past one as if it were just a Zombie. As might be expected of a weapons research project, a variety of Hunters were eventually developed, including the Hunter α, Hunter β, and Hunter γ, each with their own individual characteristics.




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