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FILE:03 El Gigante (Plaga) (FILE:03 エルヒガンテ(プラガ)?) is a file in the CLUB96 "digital archive". It was uploaded on June 10, 2012, and members of the fanclub can access it here. It was localized by RE.NET in 2013, and can be found here.


Created by Plaga implantation (the parasites formerly confined beneath Salazar Castle) and genetic manipulation, El Gigante, as its Spanish name suggests, is four times the size of a normal human being. Although it is endowed with incredible strength and endurance, its intelligence is severely impaired—Ganados that fail to keep their distance are often killed in its blind rage, and few Gigantes have been created due to this uncontrollable brutality.

Gigantes are encountered in three memorable battles in RE4. The first encounter stands out due to the sheer impact of seeing the Gigante for the first time, and the dog that heroically appears (depending on the player's previous actions) to distract the Gigante will have no doubt brought a smile to many. The third encounter, which sees the player face two Gigantes at once, is also surely etched into the minds of many players. While it isn't necessary to defeat the Gigante that appears during the second encounter, hardcore RE4 players will want to take it down for the large peseta drop.



A human made gigantic with genetic manipulation by the Plaga parasite (a parasite that had been sealed underneath the Salazar Castle). As its Spanish meaning, "Giant" shows, it boasts a height four times the normal human stature. It comes to possess tremendous strength and stamina, with the intelligence declining. It results in turning feral and killing surrounding Ganado. Because of the difficulty in control, only a few were produced.

In the game?
"El Gigante" appears three times in the game. Each are preparared for an impressive battle. In spite of the impact of its first appearance, the dog comes to help the player depending on choices made. It is pleasing to see El Gigante distracted. It is possible to preceed even if you have not defeated it in its second appearance, but it can be said that a true bio4 player earns pesetas from killing it. The third time amazes with the sudden appearance of two. By all means, let's challenge them.

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