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FILE:05 Executioner Majini (Plaga Evolution) (FILE:03 処刑マジニ?) is a file in the CLUB96 "digital archive". Members of the fanclub can access it here. It was localized by RE.NET, here.


The incredibly powerful Executioner Majini is the result of the implantation of the Type 2 Plaga parasite into individuals with a superior physique. Implantation increases the individual's original strength and endurance several-fold, allowing them to wield an enormous ax-like weapon made by chaining a guillotine blade to a pole; the ax is brought down on anyone foolish enough to refuse Plaga implantation themselves. This Majini has a fitting name indeed...

Although the formidable dimensions of the Executioner Majini and its ax are instantly recognizable now, during development it was the final game's Chainsaw Majini who wielded the ax and had the honor of the "Executioner" title. The spikes that protrude from the Executioner were added at the very last minute to enhance its already menacing appearance. You can find similar notes and development anecdotes in "The Art of Resident Evil 5."



巨大な体躯で巨大な斧を振り下ろす。見るからに手ごわそうな印象の処刑マジニだが、開発中は今のチェーンソーマジニが斧を持っているものが処刑マジニと呼ばれていた。また、体中に突き刺さる釘はデザインの最終段階で「怖そう」という理由で追加されたものである。詳しい裏話やデザインの変遷は、弊社刊「バイオハザード5 公式設定資料集」をご覧になっていただきたい。

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