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FILE:06 Licker (FILE:06 リッカー?) is a file in the CLUB96 "digital archive". Members of the fanclub can access it here.

The file was localized for RE.NET in 2013; the localization can be found here.


Lickers are the result of a mutation caused by the progression of the T-Virus infection in a zombified human host's body. They were named by Raccoon City Police Department personnel for their peculiarly long tongues. Having completely lost all sense of sight, Lickers are unable to track prey visually; to compensate they have an overdeveloped sense of hearing, and will attack victims with their tongue and claws at the slightest sound.

Although Lickers were originally the result of an unintended mutation, they were adopted as B.O.W.s due to their potential, and are among the more infamous of Resident Evil's creatures thanks to their wall-climbing abilities and long tongues. Many players will remember the shock of being assaulted by a room full of Licker βs after opening the shutters of a certain area in Resident Evil 5. Miguel, the self-styled "genius" behind the Licker β, was also heavily involved in the research of the Uroboros virus.

ゾンビ化した人間が、その肉体をさらにt-ウイルスに侵食され、突然変異を遂げたもの。 長い舌が印象深いことからラクーン市警察の署員が“舐める者”=「リッカー」と命名した。 リッカーは見た目どおり視覚器官を完全に失っているため、目視で目標を捉えられない。 しかし、その代わりとして聴覚が異常発達しており、獲物が立てるわずかな音を頼りに接近し、舌や爪で攻撃する。



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