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FILE:20 Zombie (FILE:20 モス・ジャイアント?) is a file in the CLUB96 "digital archive". Members of the fanclub can access it here. RE.NET's localization can be found here.


A moth used for experiments that has escaped the Umbrella research lab. Although infection with the T-Virus has enlarged its body size considerably, the wings were not affected to the same degree, and it is only able to fly in short bursts. Even with limited movement it is not to be underestimated, however, as the number and toxicity of its scales has also been greatly increased. Its larval form is known as the Baby Moth.

Although the most well-known effect of the T-Virus is zombification, as can be observed in humans, gigantism is just as common. It is an effect that exhibits itself in the Giant Moth and other creatures previously described such as the giant scorpion, the Stinger.
Giant versions of familiar creatures are usually enough to provoke a visceral kind of fear, which is made all the worse when applied to creatures that are already creepy such as moths.


t-ウィルスに感染した場合の特徴として一番知られているのは、人間などに見られるいわゆる「ゾンビ化」があるが、それと並んで多いのは、このモス・ジャイアントに見られるような巨大化である。これまで紹介した中で言えば、サソリが巨大化したスティンガーなどがその他の例として挙げられる。 普段見慣れた生物がそのまま巨大化するというのは、それだけで生理的な恐怖に襲われてしまう。蛾のように元から気持ち悪い生物が巨大化したならば、尚更と言えるだろう。

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