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CLUB96 Mimicry Marcus

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FILE:23 Mimicry Marcus (FILE:23 擬態マーカス?) is a file in the CLUB96 "digital archive". Members of the fanclub can access it here. The offiical RE.NET localization can be found here.


A slew of countless leeches that takes the form of the late Professor James Marcus*. When threatened, the leeches abandon their illusion, reform, and prepare for attack (while they still maintain a vague humanoid form, all vestiges of Professor Marcus disappear completely). They attack by elongating what would be the arm, lashing it out like a whip.

  • Professor James Marcus:

The first head of the Umbrella Management Training Facility.

Grouping together to mimic another creature is extraordinary behavior for lowly worms such as leeches to display. This behavior is a result not only of the accelerated evolution of each individual leech due to the Progenitor virus, but also of the fact that the leeches have developed a way to share and process information with each other in the same way that computers can perform parallel processing. This phenomenon would not have been possible without the Progenitor virus, a marvel even Professor Marcus himself would have been unable to foresee, and it is proof that the Progenitor and T-Virus's mutational and evolutionary abilities are beyond current human understanding.





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FILE 22: Plague Crawler
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