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FILE:28 Neptune (FILE:28 ネプチューン?) is a file in the CLUB96 "digital archive". Members of the fanclub can access it here. RE.NET's localization can be found here.


Codenamed FI-03, the Neptune is a B.O.W. based on the ferocious great white shark. It was developed as part of an experiment to determine the compatibility of the T-Virus with marine life. Its already imposing size and aggression were greatly enhanced, and it also displays unrivaled tenacity—The King of the Sea really would be a fitting name for this creature.

While one large and two medium specimens appear in-game, the largest of the three will of course have left a considerably deeper impression. Its combat ability when in the water is not to be taken lightly due to the instant-death attack it can inflict when the player is walking around the water tank perimeter. Once the tank is drained however, the helpless creatures can be easily defeated from a distance, and perhaps it is this contrast that had the greatest impact of all.




Code NO FL-03. It is a B.O.W. created to verify as to whether or not the t-Virus complies with marine life; it is based on the ferocious great white shark. In the end it led to it obtaining a larger frame far more than the element body just to reign as "king of the sea", as its name suggests. The ferocity that the species has is amplified further, boasting unrivalled resilince.

In the game?

In-game, there are two types of Neptunes encountered, the medium sized Neptune and the more larger variant, which is most remembered by players. The instant death attack can be a threat when you are walking the waterfront or trying to attack from the water, which is even more dangerous. Although in Neptune's case, it cannot move after the water has been removed from the large tank, it is possible to easily kill it by shooting from afar. It can be said dual nature of such as well, the cause that remains strong impression in the player.

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