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FILE:34 Giozzo (FILE:34 ギオッゾ?) is a file in the CLUB96 "digital archive". Members of the fanclub can access it here. The RE.NET localization can be found here.


Ghiozzo are fish that have mutated into ferocious carnivorous beasts due to T-Abyss contagion. They resemble the deep-sea fish that were discovered to be vectors of the Abyss Virus, a precursor to the T-Abyss Virus. The effects of the virus include a significantly increased appetite, sharp fangs, and a powerful jaw which allows them to chew their way through practically anything. While movies may have popularized the fictional image of a piranha attack, a school of Ghiozzo can annihilate a large mammal in a matter of seconds, bones and all.

As a fish-type creature, Ghiozzo spend most of their time in the water—but that doesn't mean you're safe on dry land. They are able to leap out and repeatedly gnash at targets next to the water's edge and can also wriggle around while out of the water and snap at anything that moves within range (while it may look like they are struggling, anything foolish enough to approach one will be in for a nasty surprise). The most effective way to deal with Ghiozzo is either to let them writhe out of your way without getting close, or to shoot them from a distance.

“t-Abyss”に感染した魚類は、ギオッゾと呼ばれる獰猛な肉食魚へと変異する。その姿形は、t-Abyssの基礎となった魚類病原ウィルス“The Abyss”発見時に宿主であった深海魚に酷似している。ウィルスの影響から食欲は非常に旺盛で、鋭い牙と強力な顎の筋力で、あらゆるものを噛み砕いてしまう。有名なピラニアの攻撃性は映画で作られたフィクションであるが、このギオッゾの群れならば、大型哺乳動物であれ、現実にものの数秒で骨まで喰らい尽くしてしまうだろう。



A fish that is infected with "t-Abyss" which has mutated into a ferocious and carnivorous fish called Giozzo.

The appearance of the fish is very similar to the abyssal fish which was host to the pathogenic virus "The Abyss" at the time of discovery, which was the basis of t-Abyss.

Its appetite is very strong from the effects of the virus, with muscular strength of a powerful jaw and sharp fangs, which would chew anything.

The famous piranha attacks are a fiction made by the movies, but with a swarm of Giozzo and any large mammal they will bite down to the bone in a few seconds in reality.

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