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FILE:35 Scagdead (FILE:35 スキャグデッド?) is a file in the CLUB96 "digital archive". Members of the fanclub can access it here. The RE.NET localization can be found here.


Scagdead are the result of a spontaneous mutation in individuals with a high resistance to the virus. This resistance is only seen in approximately one in thousand individuals, and even those individuals that are highly resistant are not completely immune. A few days to weeks after infection, the host develops a high fever along with itching and swelling between the shoulders and neck, and gradually loses consciousness as the swelling increases. Although the host remains completely aware that they are being taken over, nothing can be done once the virus has taken hold. Eventually they succumb to the virus-induced madness, although the unconscious mutterings of the Scagdead's human head are eerily similar to those of a sleepwalker.

As can be inferred by their enormous bodies, Scagdead are much more resilient compared to regular Ooze. Although their saw-like right arm can inflict fatal damage instantly, they are relatively slow and best handled from a distance—while this may take a little longer, it is by far the safest option. Beware of focusing too much on a Scagdead, as the other creatures that spawn nearby while you're attacking it can quickly overwhelm you.



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