The FIM-92 Stinger launcher is a light-weight passive surface-to-air missile launcher that is designed primarily for anti-aircraft usage. It uses an infrared targeting system. The Stinger entered service with the United States Military in 1981, with over 70,000 systems being produced.

In Resident Evil 2 Edit

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The weapon is loaded with two rockets and is found near the end of either player's B Scenario, thrown to the player by Ada Wong to defeat the mutated T-103. This weapon can kill almost any enemy in one shot.

An infinite ammo version can be unlocked after finishing the Scenario A of Leon or Claire in less than three hours with an A or B grade. This launcher will lower the final grade of the player if used in-game.

The Rocket Launcher with five rockets appears in Chris Redfield's inventory in the Extreme Battle minigame. An additional launcher with ten rockets can be found by other characters in Sewer B1, the area where the Eagle Medal is normally located.

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In Resident Evil 3: NemesisEdit

The Redeye appears again in Resident Evil 3, although much larger. A modified FIM-43 is used by Nemesis. After five shots from his rocket launcher, it will run out of rockets and the Nemesis will eventually discard it. The Nemesis is also capable of using the rocket launcher as a melee weapon, striking Jill with it as a heavy club. He uses his launcher on 3 occasions: the first time in the RPD, a second time in the downtown area, and a third time in the Clock Tower, where it is eventually destroyed by Carlos Oliveira.

Resident Evil: OutbreakEdit

The Stinger is visible in one cutscene in the Outbreak series, being used by Tommy Nielsen in an attempt to shoot down Rodriguez's helicopter.

Resident Evil 5Edit

During the Desperate Escape scenario, a town Majini fires two rockets from a Stinger at the helicopter that comes to rescue Josh and Jill. Neither missile hits the helicopter, but one does manage to kill Doug.

Operation Raccoon CityEdit

The Stinger is the standard weapon of Nemesis. It is not usable by players during the USS campaign. However, in the Spec Ops mission I Now Know Why You Cry, it is seen being used by humans. First, a Spec Ops soldier uses one to destroy a barricade blocking Echo Six's path. Later on, Echo Six encounters a USS squad using the Rocket Launcher. After killing the soldier carrying it, players can pick up the Stinger-based launcher. It has one shot loaded, and three in reserve in the side-mounted magazine.

In Darkside Chronicles Edit

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It is the only rocket launcher in this game and is very rare. It is necessary to kill the mutated T-103. It also appears in Game of Oblivion 3.


Further notesEdit

  • After obtaining the infinite version of this weapon In Resident Evil 2, it will instantly lower the player's Ranks even if they finished the game in less than 2 hours and all the requirements to obtain an A RANK.
  • The Rocket Launcher Nemesis uses in the Clock Tower is bigger than the other two he uses before; the explosive effect of this launcher is also bigger, although it doesn't seem to be more powerful than the previous version.
  • The FIM-92 is incorrectly portrayed as a conventional rocket launcher. It is actually designed as a MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense System), meaning it is meant to be used against aerial targets, not ground targets. In fact, it will not fire unless a lock-on is achieved.