Extracanonical subject
(Unique game aspects not part of story canon)

The Factory is an area of Raccoon City which was to be explored in Resident Evil 2, but was discarded completely when the game development was restarted. Like the disused factory in the final game, this factory is an Umbrella-owned front built above an underground laboratory.


Vanilla build - Factory map

The factory map as shown in the November 1996 build.

Site A

Debug menu name

Site A is the first area explored in the map, and where both teams enter via the sewer hatch. It is layered with corpses of police officers from an investigation team, who have perished recently in a battle. A truck has slammed through the rusted fence, into the compound and over one of the cars.

Site B

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Site B is an unloading area for Umbrella's trucks. It too is layered in police corpses. Some shotgn shells can be found in the back of one of the trucks, which are useful for Elza in the Birkin fight.

Site C

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Site C cannot be explored on the November 1996 build, though it is referred to by name in the debug menu.

Site D

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This area links Site B with Factory Line A and the Corridor. The door to the Corridor is locked by default in Leon's scnario, but when Elza examines it a cutscene will take place where Sherry finds a way inside.


Factory Line A (KOUJYOU LINE A)

Factory Line A is one of two rooms where Umbrella's production line passes through (Factory Line B is inaccessible in the November build). The player is to climb some stairs and run down the line to get to the door on the other side.


Debug menu name
SOUKO (倉庫?)

The warehouse is the site of a boss fight with William Birkin. Elza encounters him when she operates the elevator console, with Birkin revealed to have been hiding in the elevator.After the two-part fight (in which he mutates into a stronger form), Sherry and John will enter the room and accompany you. If the player has spoken to them in the "Forklift" room, Sherry will operate the console and take them down to the laboratory.

In Leon's story, Birkin will awaken whe Leon operates the console. After a much shorter fight, Ada and John are free to accompany Leon into the elevator.

Warehouse elevator

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The warehouse elevator means little in Elza's story since she warps into the laboratory upon Sherry's operating of the console. In Leon's story, Birkin will try to break open th hatch an succeeds in scratching and infecting Marvin before being forced back.

Corridor (ROUKA)

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ROUKA (廊下?)


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A cutscene takes place here between Elza; Sherry and John.