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Factory Worker's Diary (工場職員の日記?) is a file in Resident Evil Survivor.


Factory worker's diary (survivor danskyl7) (1)

You've obtained Factory Worker's Diary.

The file can be found inside the Gene control room of the Tyrant Plant in Sheena Island.


August 5, 1998

I can't stand it anymore! I have to take the subjects to the operating table and sever their skulls to extract a part of their brain. I do this over and over, day after day... It is awful. Guilt stays with me all the time, even after I go to bed.

Commander Vincent instructs us... "Do not see them as humans. They are just raw material we use to create Tyrants with." But it is we who cut their skulls. I can never consider them as just raw materials. They are humans just like we are.

I asked Commander Vincent about ways to reduce their suffering, but he ignored my request, saying that by using anesthetics, pure Beta Hetero Nonserotonin cannot be extracted. Even if it is the company's orders, I don't believe what we are doing is ethical... I'm sure that I'll be sent to the worst possible place, when I die.

Or perhaps should I say, I'm already there...




せめて麻酔をかけて手術させてくれと何度もビンセント司令官に懇願したが、 それでは純度の高いβヘテロ・ノンセロトニンが抽出できないと却下されてしまった。



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