The Fat Molded is an enemy that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

History Edit

Lucas Baker had a Fat Molded inside the barn (whom he nicknamed "Fat Man"), which he promptly dispatched to fight Ethan Winters after he reactivated the elevator, announcing his presence as if it were a wrestling match. Ethan eventually managed to destroy the Molded, causing Lucas, while stating that he was down for the count, to admit he never liked the creature anyway.

Mia later encountered several Fat Molded aboard the derelict ship. Ethan later encountered several Fat Molded within the salt mines.

Not a Hero Edit

The Fat Molded is encountered by Chris Redfield within another part of the Salt Mines as he's preparing to rescue one of his teammates. However, this one is much different in appearance but does spew the vomit that its counterparts are known for.

Biology Edit

Fat Molded are bloated versions of Molded. They appear to have significantly more muscle mass than their original counterparts, and have the ability to store hot vomit inside of their bodies. The Fat Molded is also more resilient compared to its other Molded brethren.

A second variant of Fat Molded appears in the Not a Hero DLC, as it's more or less covered with strands of what seems to be hair, leaves or fur covering its body. It also has steam coming from its own body and sounds much different from the other ones.

Gameplay Edit

Fat Molded can attack by expelling acid, that they shoot from a distance. As opposed to the other variants, the Fat Molded moves the slowest. They can withstand an exceptional amount of damage.

Strategy Edit

When encountering the Fat Molded in the barn, it's highly recommended to take cover behind the hay stacks to avoid the vomiting. The Fat Molded have a counter attack where if the player shoots them when they are in a neutral state of not attacking, they will immediately start an attack, often times, they will use the short range vomit attack as their counter attack. This can catch inexperienced players out. If the creature is in mid-animation of vomiting, you are given a short opportunity to sneak around the hay stacks and unload on the head with the shotgun or Burner. If being chased by the creature, shooting it in the legs with the shotgun will reduce mobility, giving you ample time to flee. Avoid their corpse after putting them down as they'll explode causing the player moderate damage if within the radius.

Encountering the Fat Molded as Mia Winters should only require detonating two Remote Bombs and unloading two MPM Handgun head shots on the creature to kill it on standard difficulty.

Attacks Edit

  • The player must exercise caution against the Fat Molded, as it has a counterattack if the player shoots it, wherein its vomit will come out at Ethan and burn him.
  • At close range, the Fat Molded will either do a short range vomit attack or they will try to grab the player. The vomit attack can be dodged by strafing right and the grab can be blocked. If the player gets grabbed by the Fat Molded and they have Remote Bombs equipped, they can place the Remote Bombs in their mouths and instantly kill the Fat Molded. This will also give the player an achievement/trophy.
  • At mid to long range, the Fat Molded will do either a horizontal vomit attack or a vertical vomit attack. The horizontal vomit attack can be crouched under and the vertical vomit attack can be dodged by strafing right.
  • At mid to long range, the Fat Molded has an attack to where their vomit begins to seep from them rapidly as they charge at Ethan. This is a multi-hit attack, so it's recommended to shoot the legs.
  • If the player tries to sprint away or are too far away from the Fat Molded, the Fat Molded will charge at the player at a speed faster than the player. The player can either shoot the legs or block the charge.


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