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Favor for Friend is a cutscene in Resident Evil 5.



JILL moans in pain, then collapses to the ground.
  • CHRIS: Jill!
He gets down, cradling Jill.
  • CHRIS: Jill! Are you all right?
She regains her senses.
  • JILL: Chris...I'm so sorry...
  • CHRIS: It's okay.
  • JILL: You're Sheva, right?
  • SHEVA: Yes.
  • JILL: I couldn't control my actions, oh, but God I was still aware. Forgive me.
  • SHEVA: It's all right.
  • JILL: Thank you.
CHRIS helps JILL up.
  • JILL: Listen. I'm gonna be alright. You two need to stop him.
  • CHRIS: We can't just leave you here!
  • JILL: You have to! This is your only chance! If Wesker succeeds, Uroboros will

be spread across the globe! Millions will die!

  • CHRIS: Well yeah, but--
  • JILL: I'm all right! You need to stop him!
CHRIS looks hesitant. JILL grabs him in desperation.
  • JILL: Chris! You're the only one who can. Before it's too late. Don't you trust

your partner?

  • CHRIS: All right.
CHRIS turns to leave.
  • JILL: Take care of him.
SHEVA nods, then goes to join CHRIS in the elevator. The door closes.
  • JILL: You're our only hope to survive this.



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