Further notes
  • The name "Fenrir" is derived from Norse Mythology; Fenrir (alternatively Fenris) was a giant wolf and one of the sons of Loki.
  • They share the same audio clips with the Colmillos and Hyenas from Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 as well.

ResidentEvil.Net description, Fenrir:

"A wolf-based B.O.W. developed for deployment in mountainous areas. While they are less docile than their Doberman-based Cerberus counterparts, their ferocity and combat abilities are far superior. Retaining many lupine features, Fenrir form social groups when hunting, and do not descend on their prey all at once. Their victim slowly exhausts itself in futile attempts to escape from the closing pack, in a long, tortuous procedure. Hearing distant echoes of Fenrir howling is a sure signal that the hunt has begun."

Black Fenrir description;

"Black Fenrirs are the leaders in Fenrir packs, and are far larger than their regular cousins, standing easily taller than a person. They summon the pack with a howl upon sighting prey."