FANDOM - front page

Front page is a website which was created by the Inserted Evil ARG team to advertise Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

Content Edit was part of a bait-and-switch tactic by the ARG team. The Mission 3 clue referred to learning, leading people to People would find this website by carefully analysing that Van Buren was the eighth US President and Garfield the twentieth. When asked who the thirteenth is, research would reveal said President to be Millard Fillmore. - index page

The index page.

The website itself starts with a 20 Questions quiz, with people being given animals to compare each question and asked whether it is hot or cold-blooded. HUNK appears as the fifth question, and clicking "Cold Blooded" will send the hunter to the hidden file list. It contains HUNKpsycho.html, an Umbrella psychological report. A scan of VECTOR's own report is found under VectorReport.jpg. Alongside this are the picture "Eyewitness.jpg" and "InternalReport.jpg". A code for the Inserted Evil prize giveaway is hidden at the bottom of the VectorReport file, "03HNKORC".