"Find the Brake 1" is a cutscene in Resident Evil Zero.[1]


Billy Coen opts to find the control panel at the rear deck, while Rebecca Chambers stays behind in the operator cab. Billy instructs Rebecca to activate the control panel for the brake after he activates the panel from the rear deck. Rebecca agrees, though she makes sure to tell Billy to be careful before he leaves.


BILLY: I'll go over to the back deck and manipulate the control panel for the brake. Then you apply the brake from here. OK?

REBECCA: Alright! Billy!

BILLY: What?

REBECCA: Be careful.

BILLY: Yeah.

ビリー: 俺が 後部デッキで
その後で ブレーキを動かすんだ

レベッカ: 分かったわ!

ビリー: なんだ?

レベッカ: …気をつけて

ビリー: ああ


  1. Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster, Gallery.

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