Resident Evil Revelations 2 all cutscenes - Finding Our Way02:15

Resident Evil Revelations 2 all cutscenes - Finding Our Way

Finding Our Way

Finding Our Way is a cutscene in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It is the ending to Barry's segment of "Metamorphosis", the fourth level of the game, if the player has achieved the Good Ending; otherwise, Despair is the ending to the episode.


After defeating Alex Wesker, Claire, Barry, Moira and Natalia leave the Sushestvovanie Island together.


Barry: "Look, Moira, I know I should've let you have your space."
Moira: "It's OK. I gave you plenty of reasons to worry."
Claire: "You held you own out there, Moira."
Barry: "Course she did. She's a fuckin' Burton!"
Barry: "Anyway, Let's let these guys come in and clean up."
Claire: "So, what are you gonna do now, Barry?"
Barry: "I'm gonna go back to being a father."

Barry: なあモイラ
いろいろ うるさく言って悪かった
Moira: いいよ心配かけるようなことしたんだから
Claire: 独いで立派に頭張ったじゃないの
Barry: 立派になりすぎだ
Barry: …あとはあいつらに任せよう
Claire: バリーこれからどうするの?
Barry: …みんなで家に帰ろう

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