The Flash Grenade, also known as a "flashbang" or "stun grenade," is designed to non-lethally disorient nearby people. The noise can be enough to momentarily overload the semicircular canals of the ears, setting unsuspecting victims off balance, while the light, created by the same compounds used in camera flashbulbs, can stun the retinas of the eyes. Early designs created potentially lethal fragmentation within a short radius, but modern flashbangs are almost always of the Non-Fragmenting type.[1] They are primarily used by law enforcement and military for close quarters combat.

Resident EvilEdit

Flash Grenades make their first appearance in Resident Evil 4 and return in subsequent releases with the exception of Resident Evil: Revelations.

Resident Evil 4Edit

"Use it to blind offenders momentarily."


Flash Grenades in Resident Evil 4

The Flash Grenades have a similar appearance as the Incendiary (red) and Hand (green) Grenades only having a different color (blue). The Flash Grenade lets out an intense light briefly, stunning Ganado who are within range of the light. Stunned enemies allows players to perform their melee action on them. The Flash Grenade instantly kills crows and exposed Plaga that has burst from any Ganado, Colmillos, Armadura. This grenade takes up two blocks of the attache case and it is recommended to plan on preserving space for it. They can be sold for 500₧.

Krauser and Wesker both start with three Flash Grenades in their inventory in the Mercenaries minigame.

Resident Evil 5Edit

"A hand grenade that explodes with a blinding flash. Momentarily hampers enemy movements."

Flashy flashy grenade

Flash Grenades in Resident Evil 5

The Flash Grenade makes a return in Resident Evil 5 sporting a different design. With Resident Evil 5's inventory system, the player is able to stack up to 5 flash grenades per item slot. Like in Resident Evil 4, it can kill a Plaga exposed enemy, particularly the Duvalia. Unlike Resident Evil 4, when throwing this grenade in close proximity to the player, it can momentarily blind the player.

Base Majinis also carry around this type of grenade, which they are capable of utilizing to blind the player, leaving the player vulnerable to attacks.

Resident Evil 6Edit


Flash Grenades in Resident Evil 6

The Flash Grenade in Resident Evil 6 bears the same design as Resident Evil 5 only lacking somewhat in its usefulness since there are no Plaga-infected enemies. It can still be useful for making a getaway or avoiding enemies. This grenade can still stack up to five grenades per item slot.

This type of grenade appears only in Chris' and Jake's campaigns and is common in availability, often finding them randomly in boxes. The Flash Grenade is the only grenade that Jake can acquire in his campaign. It can be effective against some enemies that hatch from Chrysalids; a Flash Grenade will instantly kill a Meset and will stun a Strelat, allowing the player to follow-up with series of kicks.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityEdit

Flash Grenades return in Operation Raccoon City, where they can be used by both the Umbrella Security Service and the Government Spec Ops. When used, they create a bright flash that obscures most of the players vision for a short period of time. Players can hold up to three flash grenades at one time.

Resident Evil (Remake)Edit

The Flash Grenade is one of Chris Redfield's defensive items in the Resident Evil 2002 "REmake." Chris shoves the grenade into the attacking monster's mouth, decapitating it after several seconds(it can also be
1 Remake Grenade

Chris' Flash Grenade in REmake


It also appears as Rebecca Chambers' defensive item in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


The most instinctive use for flash grenades is to escape clusters of enemies, and stun harder to kill enemies like Chainsaw Man or The Executioner (although, it does have negative effects on certain enemies[2]). In Resident Evil 4, it was common to toss the flash grenade at the character's feet in a tight situation, as it had no negative effects on any player characters. However, as noted above, Resident Evil 5 changed it so one's own flash grenades also blind the player, making the tactic a last resort. This also makes the flash grenade effective in versus multiplayer and they can be very useful for setting up a melee combo in the Mercenaries mini-games as well.

However, the aspect that makes the flash grenade so valuable is that it will instantly kill any exposed plaga, saving valuable ammunition and effort. It's definitely worth hanging onto flash grenades, and they probably edge over the incendiaries in overall utility.

They also kill crows, chickens and rats instantly.[3]

Further NotesEdit

  • In Resident Evil 4, a flash grenade will not kill the exposed plaga from the back of El Gigante, or Salazar.
  • Garradors are immune to Flash Grenades and will charge the player upon usage.
  • Majini with Gas Masks are immune to flash grenades and may also throw them.



  1. N.F.D.D. Non-Fragmenting Distraction Device.
  2. The Garrador notably will be able to see if a flash grenade is used and will immediately attack the player character.
  3. On Professional, sometimes it will even take multiple handgun shots to a kill a harmless crow.