The Flash Grenade is a weapon card in the Resident Evil DBG, first appearing in Alliance. It is the successor to the normal grenades featured in the base set, and like them requires no ammo, but does no damage due to its effects. The Flash Grenade has two different effects depending on what kind of Infected is attacked with it. If dealing with a Plaga infected, it's an instant kill. If it's dealing with a normal Infected with 20 or less Health, it "stuns" that enemy and sends it to the bottom of the Mansion deck. Jill Valentine (Brainwashed) has a special effect involving this weapon; during another player's turn, if a Plaga carrier is revealed, the opposing player can activate Jill's effect and use the Grenade to "steal the kill". Like most Explosive type weapons, this cards automatic "Trash After Use" stipulation is negated by the effect of the original Jill Valentine card, which changes to discarding rather than trashing. The card's Gold Cost is 20.

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