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Forrest Speyer is a glossary entry for Resident Evil Recollections.


Resident Evil
S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team member. Position: OM (Omni-man). Although mainly responsible for maintenance, he is known as an excellent marksman and a perfectionist in his work. His has been a close friend of Chris and Jill since before they joined, and has a particularly strong bond with Chris even when off duty. The pair are very competitive and will often duke out the 1st and 2nd places in departmental marksman competitions. Forrest is killed by B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapons) during the Mansion Incident, and attacks his former team mates as a zombie shortly after they discover his body.

Height: 183cm. Weight: 71.1kg. Blood type A. Age: 29 (as of 1998 / Resident Evil).

【biohazard 0】

身長:183cm。体重:71.1kg。血液型:A。年齢29歳(1998年当時/biohazard 0)

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