Fourth Survivor is the remake of a minigame in Resident Evil 2.


This entire scenario deals with HUNK escaping with a G-virus sample in Raccoon City. Due to a bad signal, his radio picks up cross talk, which tells what became of the citizens of Raccoon City. He is picked up by a helicopter after reaching the rooftop of the Raccoon City Police Department.


September 30th, 1998

HUNK: "Alpha Team here. Respond."

Codename: HUNK
Umbrella Special Forces

NIGHT HAWK: "This is Night Hawk."

HUNK: "I have secured G. I am all that is left of Alpha Team. I am on route to the rendezvous point."

NIGHT HAWK: "Once again, only you survived, Mr. Death."
"Roger that. Don't be late."

NIGHT HAWK: "What happened to Birkin?"

HUNK: "He was injured in the firefight. "
"He injected himself with the G-virus and came back to life."

NIGHT HAWK: "I see."
"That's unfortunate. "
"How are the other G samples?"

HUNK: "The containers were damaged in the fight and the virus has likely contaminated the area. "
"We will have to contain it."

NIGHT HAWK: "Understood. I'll put in the request."

Radio: "What the hell are those things?"

HUNK: "Cross talk. Connection must be bad."

News reporter (radio): "It has been days now since the last contact with Raccoon City."

Radio: "Freeze! Don't come any closer!"

Radio: "Can anybody hear me?"

Radio: "I don't want to hear it! I need backup, now!"

Radio DJ (radio): "You're listening to 777, RC-Radio, the lucky station. And this is our last broadcast."

Radio: "The Common Cure. Safsprin."

Radio DJ (radio): "If any of our listeners are still alive, get out of town."

Radio: "The municipal government is paralyzed, leaving the city's poor citizens helpless."

Radio: "Have faith! Help is on the way."

Radio: "Quick & Fast Relief. Adravil."

Radio DJ (radio): "The station's surrounded, but we're still on the air."

Radio: "There's just so many, we can't save them all."

Radio: "What's going on with this town?"

Radio: "I'm at 553 Warren Street. They're all over the place."

Radio: "Raccoon City is finished…"

Radio: "Escape to Ecstasy. Aqua Cure."

Radio: "Raccoon City. Raccoon City."

Radio: "The damn things just won't stay dead!"

Radio: "Thus concludes the report on the current situation."

Radio: *laughing*

  • laughing*

"It's over, man! It's all over! We're screwed!"

GOBLIN 6: "Alpha... Team... Goblin 6. Currently at point K12 in the sewers... Can't move…"
"Requesting assistance. I repeat. Requesting assistance."
"Don't leave me here!"
HUNK: "This is war. Survival is your responsibility."

HUNK: "Mission accomplished. The survival rate was 4% and valuable human resources were lost, but that is war."
"The mission objective takes priority over everything else."
"Holding to that principle is why I have never failed a mission."
"Death cannot die."


HUNK: "こちらアルファチーム"

コードネーム: ハンク"

NIGHT HAWK: "こちらナイトホーク"

HUNK: "Gは確保した"

NIGHT HAWK: "またあんただけかよ、 死神"

NIGHT HAWK: "ウィリアムはどうした?"

HUNK: "交戦中に負傷、 死亡した"
"直後に自らにGを投与し、 蘇った"


HUNK: "戦闘中に破損、おそらく周辺に飛散した"
"今後、 対策が必要と思われる"


Radio: "何なんだ、 奴らは…"

HUNK: "無線の調子が悪い… 混線か?"

News reporter (Radio): "依然ラクーンシティとの連絡のつかないまま数日が経って…"

Radio: "止まれ! 来るな! ぅうわ〜"

Radio: "誰か応答してくれ…"

Radio: "とにかくこちらに人手をまわせって言ってんだ!!"

Radio DJ (radio): "周波数は777、 軽快な話題と音楽はRC-radio最後の放送だ"

Radio: "...The Common Cure. Safsprin..."

Radio DJ (radio): "まだ生きているリスナーは町の外に逃げてくれ…"

News reporter (radio): "都市機能の麻痺した状態での、 市民たちの安否が気遣われます…"

Radio: "信じる!そのうち助けが来るはずだ…"

Radio: "...Quick & Fast Relief. ADRAVIL..."

Radio DJ (radio): "こっちは囲まれている…放送を続けるしかない"

Radio: "こんなに、 けが人がいちゃあ手の施しようがねぇよ…"

Radio: "どうしちまったんだ… この街は…"

Radio: "こちら553、 Warrenストリートここも化け物でいっぱいだ"

Radio: "この街はお終いだぁ…"

Radio: "...Escape To Ecstasy. AQUA CURE..."

Radio: *ad-lib*

Radio: "や、 奴らは倒れることを知らない化け物だ!!"

Radio: "…以上が、 現在までに入った最新情報です続きまして…"

Radio: "ふふ…あははは……"
"終わり、 終わりだよ! 何もかもが!!!"

GOBLIN 6: "こちらアルファ…チーム…ゴブリン6…ポイントは地下水道K12…負傷して動けない…"
"救援を頼む… 救援を頼む… 繰り返す… 救援を…"
HUNK: "ここは戦場だ… 運命は自ら切り開け…"

HUNK: ""ミッションの目的は果たせたが、 生還率はわずか4%またしても、 貴重な人的資源が失われた""
"なによりもまず、 目的を達成する"
"その成果において、 私は一度の失敗もない"
"…死神は死なず、 か……"




Easter eggs



HUNK's radio picks up adverts for the Umbrella products Adravil, Aqua Cure, and Safsprin. All three were possible passwords for the Umbrella office in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.