Fred was an officer of the Raccoon City Police Department during the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident of a mutagen pathogen known as the "t-Virus".


Fred survived in the precinct with many other surviving officers, who combated the Zombie threat alone within the precinct after the loss of their special forces units on September 26, 1998.[1]

The precinct survivors got cut off from one another at some point. [notes 1] Fred worked with his superior officer Marvin Branagh along with Aaron, Rita and Tony in finding a way out of the station without zombie-intervention.


After making plans for Rita to use a system of shafts to escape and search for help,[2] Fred went to the precinct's rooftop to keep the area under control. [notes 2] In the wait for Rita's return, Fred was eventually overwhelmed and killed by a murder of infected Crows.


Fred can be unlocked as a playable character in a four character set along with Andy, Tony, and Jean simply by completing the "desperate times" scenario on any difficulty with any character and purchasing the set with 5000 points. Being a George-type, he can create medicine capsules with herbs. Fred starts with a Blue/Green Herb mix and can mix them in the medical kit to make two Anti-Virus capsules right away.



  1. David Ford's team of survivors were isolated from Marvin's team due to the west-wing lockdown, while Chief Brian Irons hunted the second floor's east wing.
  2. An outside staircase leads to the rooftop.
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  2. Resident Evil Outbreak File 2, Battle Plan

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