From S.T.A.R.S. to the BSAA, the legend continues is an article in Resident Evil Recollections. It was uploaded on 17 August 2015.


Without a chance for a breather in his bioterror-fighting career, in Resident Evil Revelations Chris is dispatched to multiple locations including snow-covered mountains and a mysterious ship. He even goes missing at one point (well, not really…).

Dedicated to the mission as always, in the midst of the chaos and in typical Chris fashion he completely ignores Jessica with a "We'll sort it out later. We have to move." (go Chris! Err, well maybe you shouldn't be *too* hasty...). That's the "Original Eleven" for you I guess.

This might be a crazy idea, but I wonder if Chris gets along with Parker, given how they're both so single-minded? That sounds like a great idea for a new episode actually...
My favorite Chris move has to be his uppercut, which of course makes a return in this game - there's nothing better than making enemies see stars (pun intended!).

You can find more about Chris' adventures in the early days of the BSAA in Resident Evil Revelations!

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