From the Files of Neo-Umbrella (ネオアンブレラのメモ Neoanburera no memo?) is a file in Resident Evil 6.


It can be obtained in Chapter 4 of Chris Story.


To: All Neo-Umbrella Staff

At 23:29 today, our leader Ada Wong's vital signs ceased. At the same time, Plan D was shown to be activated. All personal in our far-east facilities are urged to head for one of the predetermined safety zones. This emergency notice is for all human staff and not for J'avo test subjects. An emergency cable will be sent to the underwater facility once Plan D is fully in motion.

Plan D:

  1. Infect all of Lanshiang by firing a missile into Tatchi.
  2. During the confusion, awaken Haos in the underwater facility, and send it ashore.

With this, the whole world will taste the panic that was Raccoon City; chaos will be the new order. Let us make our leader, Ms. Wong, proud.

「ネオアンブレラ各員に報告 本日23:29を持って、総統エイダ・ウォンの脈拍、心拍数、呼吸の停止を確認。これにより、同時刻をもってプランDを発動する。極東地域に待機する研究員は、速やかに指定安全区域まで退避せよ。なお、この退避命令は、ジュアヴォを含むB.O.W.には適応されない。 また、プランDの発動に伴い、ネオアンブレラ海底研究所へ緊急信号を送る」

1. ミサイルによって、ターチィを中心に蘭祥全体を感染地域に変える。
2. 混乱のスキをついて、中国外海に眠る"ハオス"を強制的に覚醒させ、地上へ送り出す。

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