For the Nintendo 64 prototype version of this scene, see Fugitive (Resident Evil Zero prototype cutscene).

"Fugitive" is a cutscene in Resident Evil Zero.[1]


Rebecca Chambers is investigating a corpse in the second car passage when she is cornered by escaped convict Billy Coen, who holds her at gunpoint. Rebecca threatens to arrest Billy and to open fire if he resists, but he scoffs at her and walks away freely. Suddenly, a window breaks as fellow S.T.A.R.S. officer Edward Dewey falls through. Dying of previous injuries in an apparent ambush, he warns Rebecca that there are "zombies and monsters" in the woods. He then dies. Suddenly, another window shatters as a dog enters the carriage, hungry for fresh meat.


REBECCA: Billy... Lieutenant Coen.

BILLY: So, you seem to know me.

Been fantasizing about me, have you?

REBECCA: You were the prisoner that was being transferred for execution.

You were with those soldiers outside.

BILLY: I see. You're with S.T.A.R.S.

Well, no offense, honey, but your kind doesn't seem to want me around.

So I'm afraid our little chat time is over.


You're under arrest.

BILLY: No, thanks, doll-face.

I've already worn handcuffs.

REBECCA: I could shoot, you know.

REBECCA: Edward!

Are you alright?

What happened?

EDWARD: It's worse than...

We can't...

You must be careful, Rebecca.

The forest is full of... zombies... and monsters...

REBECCA: Zombies and monsters?

レベッカ: ビリー・コーエン少尉……!?

ビリー: ほう 驚いたな


レベッカ: 死刑執行予定の第一級殺人犯

それに 元軍人…

ビリー: なるほど S.T.A.R.S.か

今 あんたらとは


レベッカ: 待ちなさい!


ビリー: 悪いが お嬢さん

飾りは 間に合ってる

レベッカ: バカにして!

レベッカ: エドワード!?


いったい 何があったの?

エドワード: クソッ…


気をつける レベッカ…




レベッカ: ゾンビや化け物!?

Further notesEdit

  • The scene plays immediately upon obtaining the Dining Car Key from the body. The scene will not trigger if the player's inventory is full.


  1. Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster, Gallery.

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