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BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.54 - page 22

A microscopic view of the virus in Sherry's body.

The G-Virus[1] (G——细菌, though also referred to simply as "G菌") is a microorganism created by the Umbrella Group, who also developed the t-Virus.


It was developed by Dr. William, who later infected himself to avoid dying from gunshot wounds.[2]

His daughter, Sherry was also infected with the virus. Unlike with her father, the virus was assimilated into her body, allowing her to control the unusual powers it granted her. For Sherry, she could control zombies, forcing them to stay away from her and Claire in the sewers.[3] Sherry also had the ability to heal wounds by touch, an ability she demonstrated on an injured man's leg at the B.H.S.T. base.[4]

A number of people on the artificial island were infected by the virus , becoming "G Zombies". These creatures maintained the sapience of the uninfected, though would easily give in to emotional and sexual urges, turning them into violent and hypersexualised beings.[4]

Further notes

There are some problems regarding what kind of microbe "G" is. While the manhua time and time again refers to "G" with the Chinese word for "bacteria", the only case of its name being written in English refers to it as "G-Virus". VOL.54 shows a microscopic view of the microbe as a bacteria attacking cells.

The SkyWalker universe as referred to the agent as the "G-Virus" in English, continuing to use the Hanzi for bacteria.


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