GamePro was an American gaming magazine which ran issues monthly from 1989-2011 reviewing and advertising games and software, as well as reporting on gaming news.

Issue 77 (December 1995) Edit

GamePro Issue 77 - page 188

December 1995, p.188.

Issue 77 included an article on Resident Evil, which was then slated for a December 1995 release. Much of the article is inaccurate, and may be the result of bad PR from Capcom or heavy editing of the game in the final weeks before its March 1996 release.

Departing from the familiar formula of fighting games, Capcom takes up temporary residence in the action 'hood. From the looks of Resident Evil, an intriguing third-person-perspective action game, Capcom's comfortable in its new digs.

Resident Evil has a variety of gameplay and eerie, detailed graphics that tempt you to look closer, but repel you when you get too close. Using shifting camera angles in a 3D environment, this action disc combines role-playing and puzzle-solving gameplay.

You're sent to investigate a foreboding mansion where government scientists are conducting top-secret biotechnology experiments that stretch the limits of science. The scientists have mysteriously vanished, and contact with the outside world is cut off. You have an assistant, but he's more hindrance than help, and you have a pistol, which isn't much firepower when you find out what you're up against.

Through areas including the mansion, the garden, the tower, and a graveyard, you encounter vampiric zombies, giant spiders, and other mutant creatures. You must also avoid hidden traps, solve mind-bending puzzles, find critical items like maps, fire extinguishers, hammers, and medicine. Locating weapons like crossbows, bazookas, chainsaws, and shotguns increases your chances of survival long enough so you can uncover the scientists' fate and find the hidden helicopter to escape.

Resident Evil's rendered 3D backgrounds are heavily detailed, depicting shadows and light sources. The character moves amid multiple camera angles that heighten the suspense and assist you in your mission. The game employs minimal screen text, which forces you to explore your surroundings carefully and analyze all possibilities for clues.

Whether its premise is paranormal or perfectly normal, Resident Evil looks like paramount fun.

By Capcom
Available Winter '95

Issue 81 (April 1996)Edit

Issue 81 featured an interview with director Shinji Mikami, along with a single page of gameplay help.

Issue 83 (June 1996)Edit


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