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Game Instructions B is a file in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


It can be found inside character inventory on file section after reading Game Instructions A, only on Hard Mode.


<Ammunition Creation System>
To create various ammunition,
you need to use the "Reloading
Tool" and "Gun Powder."

<Reloading Tool>
This is a necessary item if you
want to create different types
of ammunition.
By combining the Gun Powder and
Reloading Tool, various types
of ammunition will be created.

<Gun Powder>
Mix materials to create various
types of ammunition. There are
three type of basic Gun
Powders: A, B and C. Please note
that Gun Powder C is created
by mixing A and B types.

<How to Mix Gun Powders>
You can create various kinds of
bullets by mixing the different
Gun Powders. There are 13
different kinds of Gun Powders in all.

<Example of Gun Powders>

A + C:
B + C:
C + C:
C + C + C:

Hand Gun Bullets
Shotgun Shells
Grenade Rounds
Grenade Flame Rounds
Grenade Acid Rounds
Grenade Freeze Rounds
Magnum Bullets

<Mixing Gun Powder With
Grenade Rounds>
If you combine a certain type
of Gun Powder with Grenade
Rounds, special types of
Grenade Rounds will be created.

<Mixing Level Improvement>
If you repeatedly create the
same kind of ammunition, your
skill will be improved, and
you will be able to create
more powerful ammunition.


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