Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Ganado are creature created by an unidentified Plaga augment. While sharing their name with the Ganado found in a remote region of Spain in 2004, they are unrelated.


They were first seen in the Eastern Slav civil war in the Eastern Slav Republic. They were unleashed by the Council of Elders in February 2011 against Svetlana Belikova's regime so that they could gain their independence.


These Ganado were noticeably more zombie-like than their 2004 Ganado and Majini counterparts, having almost entirely lost their humanity to the parasites, with only the occasional murmors and weapon utilization evidencing of higher brain functions. These Ganado also displayed a Majini-like reproductive trait, where they were able to regurgitate fully-mature plagas of their kind and immediately infect other humans by forcing these plagas into their mouth.