The Militia is Osmund Saddler's private paramilitary army that is based on the Los Iluminados island base and forms the last Ganado enemy group encountered in 2004. The militia formed Saddler's contingency plan, whereby if the Ashley Graham plan failed, his combatants would be sent to the United States to ferment chaos and disorder from within.


They appear as Ganados, wearing predominantly dark combat fatigues. However, some combatants wear orange industrial work suits with gas masks horrifically stitched or bound to their faces with barbed wire. The combatants are equipped similarly to the Cultists and villagers, but are much faster in pursuing the player and can attack in greater numbers than other Ganados.

"Plan B"Edit

Little was shown in the main game of what "Plan B" was (actually, just one file). The canon sidestory, "Separate Ways", revealed a larger portion.

On her way to stop Leon's assassination at the hands of Jack Krauser, Ada Wong discovered a secret shipyard. This yard contained a dreadnought with several large cannons, machine guns, gatling guns, and what appeared to be cruise missiles. This suggests that the combatants were always ready, or at least since Leon's arrival, for Plan B. The ships could have also been there because the island was a military base, but it's more probable it was there for Plan B.



Combatants are armed with a variety of weapons, including much of the Cultists' arsenal, like crossbows and shields and a few similar to the villagers, like hatchets and dynamite. Some combatants are also seen wearing combat helmets and face masks to protect themselves from headshots. Unique combatants include the Gatling Men and the armored Ganados that, thanks to the iron plates they wear, are immune to most gunfire aimed at their bodies. As befitting their presence late in the game, the combatants are the hardest Ganados to face in combat.

Some weapons used by the combatants include:

  • Stun Rod: The stun rod is a powerful electric cattle prod used to shock the player. The player should listen to the sound of crackling electric to warn him of a nearby stun rod. If Leon is hit by a stun rod, it will deplete 3 or 4 of his health bars.
  • Minigun: The minigun is a huge rotary cannon (a gatling gun) only carried by Gatling Men. This is fired in long sweeping bursts and can shred anything in its line of fire. However, the Ganados use a mounted version of the minigun which is stationary but should be used with care when attempting to neutralize an enemy, as it can also damage other Ganados when carelessly fired by them.
  • Crossbow: A weapon originally used by the Cultists, the crossbow is also frequently utilized by the combatants. It uses flaming bolts as its ammunition and the bolts are always lit, which enables the player to see them from afar. Some enemies carrying the crossbow will flee if approached before they fire, although some others may just stand still and fire the weapon at point-blank range.
  • Flail: Like the Cultists, combatants also have these weapons in their arsenal: a flail and a shield. With these, they are also capable of charging at Leon when the flail combatants get close to him. They can deal higher damage than a Cultist.
  • Sledgehammer: The sledgehammer is carried by the large, armored Ganados. It is an extremely damaging melee weapon, it has a much faster swing than a mace and it will also knock the player to the ground.
Combatants usually carry the A-type and B-type Plaga.

Further notesEdit

  • Before the helicopter pilot (Mike) was killed, there was a cutscene that showed three combatants, each carrying a scythe. This is only time scythes are ever seen in the hands of the combatants.
  • Before you head to the camera room where you can find the screens showing Ashley, take a left turn. Kill three Ganados (the one with the crossbow, the large one who has a sledgehammer and the one with the shield) and destroy the head of the fourth. You should see that he's carrying the same Plaga as the leader Cultists.
  • Combatants are the only types of enemies in the game besides the Leader Cultist and ambushing zealots in the Castle that use firearms (namely, Gatling Man). They are also occasionally seen with Rocket Launchers.
  • In the Resident Evil 4 Incubate DVD, no combatants were seen despite it being based off Resident Evil 4.
  • In the main game, none of the combatants wear caps. The ones wearing caps are only encountered by Ada in either Separate Ways or Assignment Ada.
  • In Separate Ways, a few combatants wield other weapons such as stun prods or hatchets in conjunction to the wooden shield. They never attack with stun rods when carrying shields. One carries hatchets and a shield, he can either expose himself to throw hatchets at a short range or knock the player back with the shield if she is too close.