The Garden with a waterfall (滝のある庭園 Taki no aru teien?) is an area of the courtyard.[1]


The garden leads to certain areas, including the entrance to the underground courtyard.

In the 2002 Remake, a fountain is built near the elevator to the main garden, with two pillars ahead of it.


To activate the elevator that ascending toward the main garden, a battery must be placed on the empty battery slot.

To enter the entrance passage to the courtyard B1, the player must close the floodgate above to stop the water from falling down.


Two Cerberus will be face in this area.


Multiple crows will be available as enemies here at the garden. At some point, the player will face two Cerberus after returning here from the dormitory with the helmet key.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Battery slot The Battery has been pulled out.
Upon entering the Entrance Passage There's a ladder. Will you descend it? Yes/No
Resident Evil
The waterfall A raging waterfall. It looks like there's something beyond it...
Checking the elevator The power to the elevator isn't turned on. There's got to be power source somewhere.
Battery slot for the elevator to the Main Garden The battery has been taken out.
Battery slot for the elevator to the Main Garden (With the battery) Power to the elevator has been restored.
The fountain Some kind of transparent creature is swimming around in the water.







  1. Takeo (ed.), Inside of BIO-HAZARD, p.79.

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