Further notes

Appearing as a large armored gladiator-like warrior, with retractable claws grafted to each forearm, the Garrador is a dangerous and extremely aggressive enemy which has a high resistance to frontal attacks. The Garrador has two main weaknesses, the first is its lack of eyesight and the second is its visibly exposed Plaga erupting from its spine. Keep in mind though, that flashbangs will allow them to detect the player, and they will immediately charge. However, hitting the Garrador with an Incendiary Grenade will disable them.

The Garrador finds its prey by hearing, and will charge towards the origin of any loud noises in earshot, viciously swiping with its claws. Garradors are extremely dangerous and can kill a player in seconds if they are caught in the path of one of their rampages. If caught by a charge with medium low health, the Garrador will use a special death animation, where it plunges it's claws through the victim's face, followed up with a stab to the chest. Getting hit by a swipe with low health will also decapitate the character.