The Generator (発電機 Hatsudenki?)[1] is an area of the courtyard.


A shortcut connecting the T-shaped passage and this room was not featured in the 2002 Resident Evil. A large hole was dug here that appears to be leading down toward the Waste Treatment Plant. There's an elevator which can be used to head down.


Elevator (2)

"It looks like the power has been restored."

The generator room contains a first aid spray and shotgun shells nearby a
Elevator (1)

"There's an elevator switch. Press it? Yes/No"

power generator in the original Resident Evil.

In the 2002 Remake, two handgun magazines can be found; one at generator and the other lying on the ground near the door to the south passage. Player can also obtain a shaft from the lid of the elevator power source. A Cylinder must be combine with the shaft before it can used inside the generator. Then, the cylinder shaft can be put inside and press: IV, II, III, I. After all is done, the machine power will restored and therefore allowing player to used the elevator.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Power generator It's a power generator, but does not seem to work.
Resident Evil (2002)
The hole A huge, gaping hole. Wonder what is was dug for?
Elevator panel The elevator's power source. There's a round lid. Open it? Yes/No
Elevator panel (After taking the shaft) There's an empty space for a cylinder shaft inside. Something seems to be missing...
Elevator panel (After placing the Cylinder shaft) A series of flashing buttons. Press one? Yes/No

(Yes) Press which button? From the left >1 2 3 4

(After the power is restored) It looks like the power has been restored.

Elevator panel (After all is done) There's no need to fiddle with this anymore.
Elevator switch There's an elevator switch. Press it? Yes/No




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