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"You're worse than my ex-wife!"

George Hamilton was a leading surgeon employed at Raccoon General Hospital.[2] While he didn't exactly take the lead and call the shots, he did possess a cooperative spirit and the knack of easily acquiring other people's trust.


George was, until September 1998 at the latest, married for many years. In mid-September, George was attempting to cope with the breakup of his family and the stress of the long and difficult hours at the hospital, which was experiencing an influx of patients suffering a strange disease.[3]

George is one of eight survivors that encounter perilous situations during the Outbreak in Raccoon City. His character ties-in to the Decisions, Decisions scenario. In it, George is shown taking refuge in the parking garage of the Raccoon City Police Department with other uninfected civilians. He notices a letter from one of his friends, Peter Jenkins, attached to the wall and is instructed to go to Raccoon University. Upon arriving, he and the other survivors find Peter dead from a bullet wound and witness an Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service team being decimated by Thanatos, a freed Tyrant. Thanatos begins to chase the survivors throughout the building. They later encounter Greg Mueller, the researcher responsible for freeing it, and listen to his story before he is gunned down by a UBCS operative (Nikolai Zinoviev). This same operative detonates bombs that destroy the University just as they escape. The Tyrant survives, only to mutate into its stronger form. As a rescue helicopter lands close by, they fight the Tyrant and George kills it by either using firearms or shooting a spare virus antidote into its body.

After the Raccoon City incident, George can be seen flying in an airplane, typing on his laptop. He says that he will stop by the University Research Lab soon, there are things he has been meaning to look into. He is then seen at an airport, stating "I should be quite busy." George could possibly be looking into vaccines to prevent another viral outbreak.

Personality and description


George Hamilton

Although George lives in relative luxury due to his highly demanding occupation, he has a naturally active lifestyle, and feels much more relaxed when camping or hiking. It is believed that he sometimes romanticized his profession, which more than likely led to the divorce of his wife. However, judging from the quote, "You're worse than my ex-wife!", it is implied that George's ex-wife did something to cause the divorce.

His special ability is making new medicines from herbs found in the field using his medical kit, which is in his inventory at the start of each scenario.

Often, George is paired up with Cindy Lennox, the blonde waitress in the Outbreak series. This is due to the fact that in one of the possible endings for the first game, George and Cindy are the only "couple" ending to be shown. It could also be noted that the two speak to each other with a kinder disposition when compared to speech with other characters. The main thing they seem to have in common is that they need herbs to put their special abilities to use. In the game, he also has a positive relation value with Kevin Ryman. However, he doesn't have a good relationship with Alyssa Ashcroft, due to her stubbornness and pushiness. He is also a poor match for Yoko Suzuki, as for unknown reasons he dislikes her. However, if Yoko rescues him from near death or carries him in danger status, he'll start following her.

Appearance & Wardrobe

During the Outbreak, George wears a white and yellow plaid shirt with a burgundy-colored vest, charcoal-colored dinner jacket, gray suit pants and brown dress shoes.

George has 2 alternate outfits that are unlockable:

  • Type B: Outdoor Expert: This costume suggests George has an interest in nature and volunteers his time (hence "Raccoon Volunteer Corps" on the back of his Jacket) in the outdoors in some way.  
  • Type C: Operation X: This outfit is only usable in File #2. A Surgeon outfit complete with a face cover to protect from bacteria and other pathogens. (Doesn't change his infection rate though. It's just cosmetic.) George would have most likely have wore a similar outfit while performing surgeries on patients.


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