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Further notes
  • If George is not chosen as a character or ally in the Decisions, Decisions scenario, he will be mortally wounded by an unknown creature whilst searching Raccoon University's boathouse.
  • He's the only male character that does not insult in the Outbreak series.
  • A collection of George's lines of dialogue can be unlocked in Resident Evil Outbreak by collecting all of his special items, and then paying 2000 points.[1]
  • Several of George's SP Items in File #2 are wristwatches. This includes the Mr. Raccoon Watch, the Imperial Watch, Large Watch, Pill Case Watch, and the one exception; the Rabbit Pocket Watch.


  • Birlew, Dan (2004). Resident Evil Outbreak Official Strategy Guide. Indianapolis: BradyGames. 


  1. Birlew, Official Strategy Guide, p.189

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