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George and Cindy01:47

George and Cindy

George and Cindy

George and Cindy is a cutscene in the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak. This scene is an online-only special ending that is made available if the players of George Hamilton and Cindy Lennox fail to cure themselves of the t-Virus with Daylight. Completing the level with this ending earns the player 50 points.[1]


George: My freedom would come at too high [a] price.
I'm still infected.
And so... I remain.

George: I'm feeling... strange.
Cindy: Me too.
George: It will all be over soon.

George: 街を出るのは、 代償が大きすぎる
だから、 残るのだ

George: なんだか…妙な気分だ…
Cindy: 私もよ…
George: もうすく…終わるさ


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