Further notes

These individuals reacted much more positively to the Plagas than most, causing their bodies to grow until they are around 3 meters (9'10") tall, with a proportional increase in strength. Equally unknown is why this has only ever been recorded in infected members of the African Ndipaya tribe. Giant Majini wear elaborate, bulletproof headdresses, making leg and back shots the best route to take when fighting them. They are armed with enormous spiked clubs made of the bones of their enemies, which they swing with tremendous force. You can tell if one is near (or distantly approaching your position) when they make an ululating, high-pitched call. Another way to know when one is approaching is the listen for the sound of the rings on their ankles jingling like bells. They, like the other members of the Ndipaya tribe, have a tremendous jumping ability, meaning they do not require ladders to get around.