Further notes

Giant Whip Spiders are weak enemies and can be dispatched with one hit from any weapon, although it is recommended to use melee attacks to save ammo. They can be hard to spot in dark areas, but they emit screeching noises before attacking, allowing players to locate and kill the spiders. They are quite slow and stop moving quite frequently on their way to the player, as such they present very little threat, even in large numbers.

Health values Edit

In the Story Mode, Giant Whip Spiders have a health value of 1HP.[1]

Moveset Edit

Attack Damage Descripion
Scratch (引っかき) 70
Pounce (跳びかかり) 70

Appearances Edit

They appear more frequently in Barry's Chapters and sometimes attack alongside Rotten. A shotgun can be used to dispatch swarms quickly, as can using an Exploding Bottle.


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  1. Tada (ed.), Ultimania, p.275.

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