Further notes

Glava-Smech are unique to Chris Chapters 1 and 5, Jake Chapter 2 and Ada Chapters 1 and 4.[1]


Bite:J'avo will open his mouth and try to charge towards you.It can be countered.You can also shoot his mouth in order to close it and he will still charge you although he will be unable to hit you and do the counter more easily.If he bites it will do heavy damage(6 block on no hope instantly puts into dying status.)and require you to do qte.If you fail it will put you into dying status.You can press attack button at anytime in order to escape although doing at a certain time will cause the character to knock him to ground in order to stomp more easily.


Shoot his core in order to do more damage but be careful.He can sometimes explode if you shoot there too much.

In Chris' campaign you can back melee them in order to do coup de grace.Make sure your partner also attacks so you will do more damage with him.Be extremely careful with ones that also has a ruka-hvatanje arm.They can do additional damage when grabbing you so either use a sniper rifle or the grenade launcher if you are at a distance.

In Jake's campaign j'avos that has stun rod can mutate into them in chapter 3.In chapter 2 some of j'avos that shot in the head can also mutate.

In Ada's campaign after acquiring assault shotgun the first one will be on the left not noticing you. Don't try to counter it due of the narrow hallway.A j'avo may try to sneak behind you so be careful.After climbing the ladder any of them that shot in head can mutate into them.



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