(Rejected BIOHAZARD/Resident Evil sequel)

Golgotha is the name of a creature considered for the role of final boss for Resident Evil 2. It was rejected in 1996 at only the concept art stage.


Rejected as only a series of concept art pictures, characteristics of Golgotha and its rival for final boss, "Zeiram", were merged with the William Birkin character as successive forms of his G-evolution. No actual background story was developed for either Golgotha or Zeiram before they were scrapped and merged with "G".


It features the face of Albert Wesker at the end of its tail.[note 1] Based on the concept art in the Resident Evil Archives, Golgotha was able to mutate into a second form, referred to as "Super Golgotha" (スーパーゴルゴタ Sūpāgorugota?).

Further notes

  • The creature's name originates from "Golgotha", a hill outside Jerusalem which the Biblical Gospels write as the site of Jesus' crucifixion.
  • A creature with a similar body to Golgotha appears in the December build of Resident Evil 2, as deduced by the backgrounds. This may have been an early version of a Birkin mutation.




  1. In the Super Golgotha artwork, there is a note about the face in the tail which appears to say Wesker (ウェスカー u~esukā?) along with some other text.