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Anderson universe
(Covers information from Anderson's universe)

"Good Rain" was one of two clones of Rain Ocampo created by the Red Queen.


“Good Rain” is a young woman living the suburban simulation of Raccoon City, unaware of her nature as a clone. This version of Rain is much more “feminine” version of her original character, placing emphasis on the fact that she “wears stiletto heels” and is also a vegan and a devout supporter of gun control. She expresses her dislike for guns, purporting proudly to have stood against the NRA when the real Alice teaches her how to use a weapon. Another indication of her hippie-type personality is the fact that she drives a Toyota Prius, an electric car which is (in theory) less polluting than diesel or petrol cars, and which is also covered in various leaf stickers.

When the simulation of the outbreak in the neighborhood begins, Rain encounters Alice and her daughter Becky as the two are trying to escape the horde of undead besieging their home. Rain nearly runs them over in her own attempt to escape, but allows them into the car. She appears to have a better grasp on the situation around her than the Alice Clone and her daughter, recognizing that the people attacking them are “not human”. During their escape the car is blindsided by a truck that overturns her car. The Alice clone and Becky assume Rain was killed in the crash and escape the wreckage as Rain regains consciousness.

Rain managed to escape her car and leave the suburban simulation. She encounters the original Alice and Becky in the Russian subway, confused by the presence of the country’s orthographic spelling as well as Alice's "S & M get-up". Alice quickly teaches her how to use a gun and orders Becky to remain with Rain until she returns. Rain becomes the temporary protector of the child, leading her someplace safe to hide until Alice returned.

She is baffled by Becky’s comment about meeting “her sister” (referring to the Rain clone working alongside Jill Valentine). Alice returns with Luther, Barry Burton and Leon Kennedy (prompting Rain to comment appreciatively on her current company) and the six of them decide to travel the subway tunnels to the escape route. Their escape from the facility is stopped when the power is cut; Rain is unable to protect Becky when she is captured by a Licker. She tries to kill the monster only to be swept from the elevator platform. She lands hard on the ground and dies when her neck snaps against the pillar she collides with.


The "Good Rain" clone wears a thin gray T-shirt with elaborate designs, which is covered by a short tan jacket. She wears long skinny blue jeans and wears grey pump heels. Her dark hair is loose and long past her shoulders.


Michelle Rodriguez (alongside Colin Salmon[1] and Oded Fehr) was rumored to reprise her role as Rain in Resident Evil: Retribution during late September.[2] Casting news was later confirmed on twitter.[3] Unlike her other cast members, Rodriguez was cast in three roles for Rain, who of which have been dubbed "Good Rain" and "Bad Rain". The other was another civilian Rain clone who was bitten and infected by a zombie. However, the third Rain character was later removed from the film.

Rodriguez describes "Bad Rain" as "mechanical, very straight-forward and very matter-of-fact" and "Good Rain" as "awkward and different- someone who is quirky and doesn’t know how to handle a gun and someone who is curious.[4]





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