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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Mother Gracia Delenikas was the head of the Marhawa Academy, a religious institute in Singapore. She formerly had a relationship with Professor Doug Wright.[3]


Early Life

Early in her life, as a kid, Gracia wasn't the favored one by her uncle, despite his wealth, all of his children were studying abroad and Gracia was the one always left behind. Gracia took up to her father figure as a kid and after her father rescued two kids; Tahir Kapoor and Ray Hsu, she decided to take responsibility and considered them as her own siblings, despite her young age.

Some point later at her life, she had been in a relationship with Doug Wright but broke up with him later on for unknown reasons.[citation needed]

After her uncle's death[citation needed] His wish was to appoint her as the headmaster of the Marhawa Academy, which he had owned previously, as a result she had to take responsibility duties and favored this place over everything and as her own; just like her uncle. She decided to live up to his wish and became Mother Gracia.

Headmaster of the Marhawa Academy

As the headmaster of the isolationist academy, Mother Gracia seems to be very strict about inviting outsiders, most likely due to her beliefs that outsiders aren't trustworthy.

After the fight that ensued between Alisa Lin and Nanan Yoshihara, Bindi Bergara went to her office to report the incident. Bindi intended to report the incident to the police. to which Mother Gracia disagreed. Mother Gracia chose to keep the fight as a secret, and as such, no reports were allowed to be made to the police.

Bindi, unsatisfied with Gracia's decision, took Nanan and left the Marhawa Academy secretly. However Gracia knew of this plan, and brought with her the academy's security guards to chase after the escaping students.

After the accident that took Nanan's life away, she continued to look after her students, until the day when the mutated Nanan came into the academy and infected nearly all students with the airborne C-Virus, one by one.

Mother Gracia invited a close acquaintance of hers, Professor Doug Wright, along with his comrades and his nephew Ricky Tozawa. She expected Doug and his comrades to be able to solve the outbreak by themselves, but Doug insisted that Gracia immediately informed the BSAA that a bioterror attack had occurred in Marhawa. Gracia refused, however, due to her isolationist view and went on to cover up the incident. Her refusal to let any help came from the outside turned to be her greatest mistake, as the number of zombified students and staffs at the academy increased rapidly, to the point where the BSAA decided to intervene without her approval. Gracia finally chose to join Doug and his nephew to eradicate the zombies around the academy.

Mother Gracia herself was murdered at the hands of the mutated Bindi Bergara, who scorned her in her last moments, gloating on how she hated Gracia.


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