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Grave Digger is a creature encountered in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

Resident Evil 3: NemesisEdit

There are two adult Grave Diggers encountered in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. "Grave Digger (White)" (グレイブディガー(白)) has a health value of 400 on LIGHT mode, increased to 500 in HEAVY. "Grave Digger (Brown)" (グレイブディガー(茶)) meanwhile has 450-600 on LIGHT and 600-800 hp on HEAVY.


The Grave Digger has three bite-related attacks along with the ability to swallow enemies.

The following names and stats are derived from the BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE OFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK.[1]

Attack Damage Description
Biting (かみつき Kamitsuki?) 30
Ground biting (地上かみつき Chijō kamitsuki?) 35
Surface biting (浮上かみつき Fujō kamitsuki?) 50
Swallow (丸のみ Marunomi?) Instant Death


The Grave Digger attacks with its massive maw, with each bite depleting around 30% of Jill's health. This is the most powerful attack in the whole game (short of an instant-kill attack), so players will do well to avoid it.

The Grave Digger is noticeably vulnerable to Acid Rounds from a Grenade Launcher, so it is advised that the player stock up before the Raccoon Park encounter. Alternatively, the beast can be killed by pushing lampposts into the water surrounding it. Doing this will generate an electric discharge that will kill the creature, thereby allowing the player to save ammunition.

Umbrella ChroniclesEdit

The Grave Digger appears as the boss of "Raccoon's Destruction 1".


In this appearance, it has three attacks:

  1. Attempting to bite the player while partially surfaced. This attack can be interrupted by shooting the Grave Digger's mouth; since the mouth is also the beast's weak spot, it will only manage to bite the player if they are unable to keep up with the movements of the Grave Digger's head.
  2. Charging at the player while burrowing underground. A button prompt will appear as the Grave Digger approaches the player; successfully inputting the displayed prompts will allow Jill to dodge the tunneling boss.
  3. Throwing five chunks of debris into the air as it emerges from underground. The player must destroy the rubble with gunfire before it can fall on them for moderate damage.


While dodging/interrupting the Grave Digger's attacks, players must wait for the beast to emerge from the ground and shoot its mouth. Using the default handgun or a rapid-fire weapon is advised when the worm first surfaces - there will be very little time to shoot it before the player's attention shifts to shooting down the airborne debris overhead. After the debris is destroyed, the Grave Digger's mouth is vulnerable to attack - enough damage inflicted to this point will lead to its demise.